BlockChangeGroup was founded during the rise of the cryptocurrency trading markets.


Our mission is to convert as much speculative and “Shitcoin” trading towards efforts with humanitarian impact. As users make massive gains or take massive losses in the pump and dump schemes that continue to ensue.


We push new projects to incorporate a transaction fee towards a humanitarian effort. This means whether pump or dump, a charity or humanitarian project out there gets more funds, and more value in the world comes from day traders and get rich quick schemes and put into a positive charitable wallet. Thus no matter the effect to the gamblers, the tax on board of the gambles made means the worlds in a better place. Value was created out of thin air for charity, the house always wins as they say, and a transaction fee is the same model as a casino running a poker table.


The act of poker holds no real value, but the people enjoy speculating on their skills versus the others. The house no matter what takes a rake from a pot, someone wins, someone loses. The real winner is the tax.


BlockChangeGroup will provide free smart contract buildouts for projects if they incorporate this fee into their project.


There is undoubtedly a certain amount of insane wealth that will trade through these markets, the question is when the casino stops getting so much traffic.


However during this bull rush, we hope to make sure as much of the money and traffic is pulled into humanitarian work, and the projects which boast these taxes, raise their perceive value, and thus have a more successful project. We hope it becomes a gold standard for a new Shitcoin release.